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Hello Liz

The New Cormorant
Hi - Any thoughts/experince/comments of the New Cormorant by Seashell Boats?
Robin Flowerday
email =

I wondered how long it would be before someone asked that question!  I was able to sail the
New Cormorant on the lake at Beale Park Boat Show in 2008, but that is no substitute for the open sea -
Please click
here to read my review.  I don't know whether anyone has actually bought one of the kits yet,
but it seems to me it would be quite a good little cruising dinghy, and lighter to handle ashore than the
original Cormorant.  If anyone reading this has tried one, it would be interesting to hear what you think.

The New Cormorant
Thanks Liz
I understand that the GRP version should be production ready around March
(2010). I intend to go and
have a look. Thought the new version looks good. I always regret not looking seriously at a new (old)
Cormorant when they were in production at Cornish Crabbers. I hope the Seashell boats are a good
quality product - I know nothing of the company although Rob Rainsford has always been very helpful
when I have e-mailed for information. Glad the class 'lives' again as I think she is one of the best looking
small traditional dinghies.
Robin Flowerday

Thanks Robin,
My review of the New Cormorant is now on the website,(
Click here) but I didn't know they were producing
a GRP version.  It's very different to the original boat, although the hull shape is the same.  I imagine a
GRP version will bring the weight back up.  I'll be interested to hear what you think when you've seen it

Yes they are currently working-up a mould and will build ready-to-sail Cormorants, just as they have done
with their 10ft Limpet class. They anticipate getting a production boat to an agent/distributor - Anglia Yacht
Brokers in March but I believe the boat will be launched at Beale Park Show. My slight concern is that the
centreboard looks well forward in the hull which makes perfect sense with the bowsprit when sailing with
genoa - but I wonder how well she'll sail up wind on main alone - as often furling the foresail is a quick way
to lose sail area in a blow. Will keep you posted.
Hi Liz,
New Cormorant
Are there any new GRP Cormorant (Seashell Boats) owners, who visit this website, who can tell me how
they are getting on with their updated Cormorants?
Many thanks
Robin Flowerday

Hi Robin,
Not to my knowledge, but I can post your message on the site and see if anyone responds.  This site is
mainly concerned with the old Cormorant.  As I do not own a New Cormorant and have only sailed one in
the sheltered conditions of Beale Park, I cannot say a lot about it myself, but I am happy to dedicate a
page to it if anyone who has bought one would like to contribute.
Liz Baker

Hi Liz – thanks for your reply.
I appreciate your are, and the website is, all about the original Cormorant.  I’ll happily leave it to you if you
want/or not to feature the new boat too much.  It’s just that as you may recall, I expressed interest in the
new boat a while ago, although I’ve not followed it up since. Knowing that the new boat is somewhat
different to the original (sadly) I would like to chat to someone who has one to get some feedback re. living
with it and sailing experiences. Having searched the web there is very little about the new boat apart from
the small amount of detail on the builder’s website.
Again many thanks and kind regards.

Thanks Robin,
So far no one else has made contact about it and I know no one yet who has bought one.  I do know, from
the Seashell Boats website, that they now provide several different options of rig, which can be viewed on
their website

Hi Liz,
I've had a New Cormorant, bought from Anglia Yacht Brokerage in November 2010, and wrote a review
which is posted on the
Seashell Boats website which may be of interest. Shall be selling her in the Spring
but shall be sorry to see her go. She was the marine ply plug that was used to make the first GRP version,
apparently. Nicer feel, wood, I think.
Simon Ashenden