This is the main Dinghy Cruising Association website and provides a useful
introduction to the association.
Dinghy Cruising Association
a very popular discussion site created by ex-DCA member Johnny Adams, and
still heavily used.  Some topics seem towards digress to non-sailing matters.
Open Boat - The original  DCA dicussion
Building and sailing of Paradox Little Jim
Even if you've no intention of building a Paradox, this site of Alastair's is very
interesting and the
Paradox is a remarkable boat.  He has included accounts of
his earliest cruises and these alone are well worth reading.
Skipper 17 Owners
Skipper 17 Owners
Useful site for anyone owning or thinking of purchasing a Skipper 17 or
Eagle 525.
Cormorant owners
Created to help Cormorant owners share their experiences, seek solutions to
problems, etc.
This discussion site was designed mainly for South Coast DCA members, but
anyone can join subject to approval by the site managers.  It is a good place for
keeping in touch with south coast activities and viewing members' photos.
Dinghy Cruising Solent
Hostellers Sailing Club
There's lots of useful advice for dinghy cruisers on this site, as well as
interesting accounts of cruises made by members, who are usually also
members of the DCA.