Cormorant dinghy
Links to other sites which might be of interest
South Coast section of the Dinghy Cruising Association
Dinghy Cruising Association
A friendly organisation open to anyone with an interest in
cruising in dinghies.
Cormorant Owners forum
Discuss your boat with other Cormorant owners.

A forum for those who cruise dinghies in the Solent area,
especially active members of the Dinghy Cruising Assn.
Hostellers Sailing Club
This site has much sensible advice and interesting cruise
accounts for anyone who sails a dinghy, no matter what
type of boat you sail.
Seashell Boats
Original builders of the New Cormorant, although I hear
that the building has now been transferred to Cornish
Crabbers, creators of the original Cormorant.  However,
this site still contains information about the New
Cornish Crabbers
Although building of the original Cormorant has
discontinued, this company have just taken over the
building of the
New Cormorant and Limpet dinghies from
Seashell Boats.